Feb 18

Sunday Feb 18

Today was my first race of the season. The Tampa Half Marathon(www.tampabayrun.com)

Here is a little recap for you.

After a night with about 2hrs of sleep, first race of the season anxiety, I left Clermont at 4am to head over to Tampa in the pouring rain. The rain stopped just in time and the temps were great, tho it was pretty windy.

I arrived over in Tampa at about 5:20...The traffic was pretty backed up, so I parked the car 2mi from the start and warmed up over to the Convention Center. It was now 5:35. I found the registration table, pinned on my bib, dropped my clothes off and headed to the bathroom. I looked at my watch...crap, it was 5:50 and the race started at 6. I jetted out the door and ran about another half mile to the start. I wove my way up front just in time for the National Anthem.

"I'm thirsty and kind of hungry," I thought. I hadn't eated anything since 330am. But, I assurred myself that it was only a half marathon.

Last year I ran 1:15:50, but HUGLY ascended the race. I had a goal then of running 5:30 pace...and did for 9 miles, then exploded up over 6min miles by mile 12.

This year, I wanted to do the opposite. I didn't feel that I had any much speed work or road racing like last year, but I knew I was stronger from my hill work and time spent in the weight room, this would help me late in the race.

The plan was to start conservative and see what I could do. I did just that and my lack or racing showed up early. I guess that is what IM training does to you :)

Anyway, I did find some speed about mile 9 and actually felt like I could have kept pace for 20+miles if I wanted. This is very encouraging and right where I want to be.

Here are mile splits and avg HR for each mile. BTW - I finished 3rd overall and in 1:16:23

6:00 / 164
5:58 / 171
5:48 / 174
5:51 / 176
5:53 / 176
5:52 / 176
5:50 / 177
5:52 / 175
5:52 / 175
5:44 / 176
5:47 / 179
5:40 / 180
5:42 / 182 Finish with a HR of 195(highest I have seen in 2 years)

After a cooldown of 20min to help get the soreness out. Total Time today, 2:05 31km

I went to the pool late in the afternoon for some kicking and drilling to help recovery. 30min and 1500 yds.


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