Feb 15

Thursday Feb 15 (Recovery)

Today starts my mini rest period. I like 3-4days, versus an entire week. I really don't think that a full 7 days is necessary for full recovery. Anyway, I was a bit tired today and took my time getting everything done. It was also a day to catch up on everything that needed to be taken care of.

Swim 1:04 4100 yds

4000 straight swim with a 25 of breast stroke every 250yds. Effort was mostly easy with a little steady mixed in. Felt good. 100 kick at the and then out. If you are ever tired in the water here at the NTC, getting out when it is in the 40's WILL wake you up. I think I have a few more days of this ahead.

Easy pm ride of 1:25 and 40km. Kept it in the little ring the entire time. 50* out, where am I again?????

Tired tonight and will probably sleep pretty hard. Epsom salt bath before bed and then a good stretch. See you tomorrow....


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