Feb 10---exciting day

Saturday Feb 10

Well, today I got some redemption for my botched track workout yesterday. I had a HARD 200km hard on the schedule today, the structure is outlined below. I was also very excited to see power numbers that were as high as they were, this early in the season.

Before I write about the day, i want to write about staying on top of nutrition on the bike. Today was the first day where I did NOT have 1 low spot throughout the entire ride...infact. I felt like I could have kept it rolling (maybe I need to ride harder next week:)

Anyway, there are so many times when myself as well as others talk about their leggs aching late into the ride. I really believe that it is avoidable by staying on top of hydration and your calories. Taking in a minimum of 28oz(round to 1 liter if you like) of fluid per hour and making sure that you take in at least 400cal per hour(that doesn't mean zero for the first 2hrs and then 1200 at the gas station either). When I am working hard, this is what I find that I need, if I am racing I will make it more like 600cals per hour.

I have found that I work best if most of my calories come from sugar in Power Gels, salty energy drinks and soda/even Sweedish Fish do the trick(I learned today) This works better then trying to digest a bar after bar, 5hrs into a hard ride.

Ok, enough about that and onto the day:

Morning easy swim, I was not going to swim this morning, but a good friend that I haven't seen in a year was going to be there(Marc Bonnet-Eymard). Sooo, 2100 yds in 40 min. Easy to steady swimming.

The ride was 5:48:13 covering 122 miles(197km). The structure of the ride was a toughy, 60min building to steady, then 2x20min at 40k watts, 10min easy, 5x8min of Big Gear work at AeT heart rate (53-11 gearing) 2min rest between, 10min easy, 40min at HIM effort, 10min easy with fueling stop(1 liter of Dr Pepper), then 2x40min at IM watts with 10min easy between. Steady home.

Run off the bike was 3miles steady to moderate. Splits and HR's follow:

Mile 1 6:56 HR 137
Mile 2 6:24 HR 154
Mile 3 6:30 HR 161

It was hot and I was a little dehydrated on the run, so you can see my HR begin to rise...that and somewhere between mile 2 and 3 I passed some good looking chicas on the path. All need to stay home at IMAZ or I am in trouble :)

I started the ride on a full stomach or close, so I used a few less cals and got away with it. The nutrition on the ride was 500cal bottle of energy drink, 1 Power Bar, 3 Power Gels, 1 liter(400cals) of Dr. Pepper and 350 cals of Sweedish Fish, mmmmmm good.

Early bed-time...go bucky!



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