Clermont Training Log Week 1

I have decided to keep a detailed training log of my training here in Clermont for all those that might be interested:

Day 1: Thursday 02/01

Travel Day

Easy spin with Graham(I am staying with him and his wife Stacy), 34km in about 1:15. Rode on the new connecting path to the West Orange Trail.

Day 2: Friday 02/02

Swim 1:15, 4500 yds. Started with 30x100 on 1:20 from the gun. Good simulation for race start with no warm-up. Held 1:13-16 for all. Last week was all swim, so this week I mised it up with 10 swim, 10 pads, 5 swim, 5 pads. 200 kick, 8x75 k/d/s, 200 easy, then 6x50 build to hard effort on 1:00. CD

Noon track workout. Total time was 1:06 and about 13km. 30min wu with some muscle activation and drill work. Then 12x400 at Daniel's I pace(Vo2) on 2min. Conservative start this week, all were 77-78sec. PE was a little high, but is my first hard running in the humidity.

Afternoon spin 1:33, 48km.

Evening strength and yoga work for 30min.

Day 3: Saturday 02/03

Raining all morning but still managed long ride. 5:01 and 167km. Structure was 60min build to steady, 20min of target 40k watts, easy 15min, 60min IM watts, Easy 5min, Then 4x8min big gear intervals on 2min recovery (53-11 gearing) dead flat on Van Fleet Trail. Then mix of IM/HIM and easy on the way home. A bit toasted by the end.

Run of 6km in 25min off the bike. Easy out and steady(IM effort) back.

Looooooong evening stretching. That's all she wrote today........


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
not the dreaded VAN FLEET TRAIL!! If you get a few flats out there you are done for!!

haha hope training is going good.

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