"The Weatherman is an idiot!

It has been a loooong while since I have posted, so I wanted to check in. I wasn't sure how training would go after my recovery from IMWI or if it would be hard to get back into things. Well, it hasn't been hard at all and I am more motivated than ever to do well.

Yesterday I had one of my biggest training days, or should I say hardest training days, of the year. It started off with a threshold morning swim and then went straight into a ride of 5hrs, the ride was 60min building to IM power, then 60min @ IM power, 10min easy, 4 x (5min Big Gear/2min LT/ 3min IM), 20min easy, 40min IM power, 10min easy, 3 x (12min IM/ 3min HIM) then steady home. Off the bike I ran 2hrs with 90 min at a HR of 157-62, around 6:30 per mile.

The ride started great, it was cool and cloudy(like all days lately) and forecast called for a mix of sun and clouds, PERFECT......or so I thought. I got about 90min into the ride and as I made a turn back into the wind, the sky was BLACK! "Awesome! 50* and rain, again!" I thought, "Well, maybe it will go around me??" (Trying to be optimistic) In the next 30min it went from cloudy, to sprinkling, to a shower, to a friggin' cold ass monsoon!!! I couldn't see a thing and the only thing I could think was that "the weatherman is an idiot!" How could they not know that this was coming???

Just when the rain started to end and I thought I was in the clear, I hear pssshhhhhhhh, a flat! "Awesome again," I thought. The bottle of coke that I was going to buy at the gas station about a mile up the road, would have to wait. I knew that it could only get better from here!

Well, I fixed the flat, got my coke and warmed back up. Just as I did, the sun came out and it turned into a great day! I guess that was a simulated "low spot" for the day :)

I just thought I would share the day! I hope all is well with everyone and I will check in again soon!



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