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June 2006 Training Update

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5430 Sprint Triathlon

Yesterday I race the 5430 Sprint Triathlon here in Boulder, CO. It is the first race in a series of three for some great prize money. Though doing well in the overall series is important, so is the big picture (Ironman). I showed up to the race at the end of a big week that included 20km of swimming, just under 700km of riding and about 90km of running.

To hopefully compensate for my high volume, I started the day with a long warm-up that lasted almost 2hrs. In hindsight, it may have been a bit too much.

The race started and I missed the group I would have liked to swim with. As a result I didn’t have a swim to write home about. Whoops! You have to play with the cards you’re dealt, right!?! I got on the bike and rode hard up into 4th and entered T2 about 20sec down on 2nd and 3rd. I pushed the first hill and managed to move up into 3rd, with just 2 Pro’s up the road. That is where it stayed as I crossed the line.

I thought that I had finished third overall and the first age grouper, but an athlete from a later wave got me by about 60sec. Even so, with the exception of the swim, I am really happy with how I was able to perform, even when I was a bit fatigued.

Results are here: http://results.timberlinetiming.com/results/index.cfm

Training Update

Well, the race report above gives a good summary of how things have been going. You can also check the log on my website to stay up on the latest (https://blakebecker.com/january_training.txt) I have another 2 week volume block before I race a bit in July.

The tentative plan is for Justin and I to do a bit of an epic camp of our own at the beginning of August. We will have 9 huge days of training spread over 10 days where we will cover almost half of the state of Colorado. I can’t wait for the “fun” to begin.

Ironman Wisconsin

Some of you already know, but I have decided to race Ironman Wisconsin as my first professional race. The race date is set for September 10 in Madison, WI. I choose the race partly because of how my training is going and also because I thought it would be great to have my first pro race be in my hometown.

As always, thank you to all of my support which include family, friends, training partners and sponsors. You make it all possible!


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