Tuesday, June 20, 2006

5430 Sprint Triathlon - The Becker Buzz

The Becker Buzz

June 2006 Training Update

· 5430 Sprint Race Report
· Training Update
· Ironman Wisconsin

5430 Sprint Triathlon

Yesterday I race the 5430 Sprint Triathlon here in Boulder, CO. It is the first race in a series of three for some great prize money. Though doing well in the overall series is important, so is the big picture (Ironman). I showed up to the race at the end of a big week that included 20km of swimming, just under 700km of riding and about 90km of running.

To hopefully compensate for my high volume, I started the day with a long warm-up that lasted almost 2hrs. In hindsight, it may have been a bit too much.

The race started and I missed the group I would have liked to swim with. As a result I didn’t have a swim to write home about. Whoops! You have to play with the cards you’re dealt, right!?! I got on the bike and rode hard up into 4th and entered T2 about 20sec down on 2nd and 3rd. I pushed the first hill and managed to move up into 3rd, with just 2 Pro’s up the road. That is where it stayed as I crossed the line.

I thought that I had finished third overall and the first age grouper, but an athlete from a later wave got me by about 60sec. Even so, with the exception of the swim, I am really happy with how I was able to perform, even when I was a bit fatigued.

Results are here: http://results.timberlinetiming.com/results/index.cfm

Training Update

Well, the race report above gives a good summary of how things have been going. You can also check the log on my website to stay up on the latest (https://blakebecker.com/january_training.txt) I have another 2 week volume block before I race a bit in July.

The tentative plan is for Justin and I to do a bit of an epic camp of our own at the beginning of August. We will have 9 huge days of training spread over 10 days where we will cover almost half of the state of Colorado. I can’t wait for the “fun” to begin.

Ironman Wisconsin

Some of you already know, but I have decided to race Ironman Wisconsin as my first professional race. The race date is set for September 10 in Madison, WI. I choose the race partly because of how my training is going and also because I thought it would be great to have my first pro race be in my hometown.

As always, thank you to all of my support which include family, friends, training partners and sponsors. You make it all possible!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Becker Buzz...

The Becker Buzz!

This Edition:

- 2006 Apple Duathlon -
- USAT Coaching Certification -
- Training in Boulder -
- Upcoming Races -
- Season Sponsors -

2006 Apple Duathlon

I headed back to Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend to visit family and to race the highly competitive Apple Duathlon in Sartell, MN. After getting food poisoning, missing my flight and sleeping in the Chicago bus station overnight, I finally made it back to my home town of Madison, WI…..3hrs before I had to leave to drive to MN. “Control the controllable,” I thought. You can read more about the fun if you visit my blog. http://blakebecker.blogspot.com/

I drove with my buddy Brian up to the cities where we stayed with another friend, Jesse, for the race. We arrived just in time to catch a bite to eat and head to bed. I woke early and ate my usual pre-race breakfast of coffee, Boost, a banana, Hammer HEED and did I mention coffee? J I have found that a liquid diet the day before and morning of a race alleviates all GI Issues.

The race was a 5k, 33k, 5k Duathlon. The gun went off and as usual the whole world took off at 5min/mile pace. Luckily there was a hill early in the run that separated the field nicely. I held a comfortable, yet solid pace of around 5:20/miles and arrived into transition 10th overall in a time of 16:42.

I got on the bike and rode hard from the start. This was the first race on my new set of Zipp 606’s that were laced with a Powertap SL rear hub. Thank you to the guys at Cycleops and Zipp for the awesome pair of wheels. I rode hard and about 20k into the ride I was in second, with only Kiwi Pro, Will Smith, up the road. At about the 25k mark, I made my move into a strong headwind and managed to ride into the lead. I came into transition with a ride of 48:28 and headed onto the second 5k with about a 15sec advantage.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold off will, as the guy has ITU type speed. I relinquished the lead at about 1mile into the run, but was very pleased with my second place finish. Official results are posted at:


USAT Coaching Certification

In other news, I completed the USAT Level I Coaching Clinic this past weekend in Colorado Springs. I am now USAT Certified and InsuredJ

Training In Boulder

Training here in Boulder has been great. Besides the altitude, which has taken a few weeks to get acclimated to, the people are great. In particular, I have met two outstanding athletes, people and now friends. Chris McDonald and Marilyn MacDonald (got it right guys :). We have had a few great rides up in the mountains and an ice cream cone or two. They are a few years ahead of me in the racing perspective, but are always willing to share their knowledge and experience in the sport. Visit their websites: http://www.trimacca.com/ and http://www.marilynmacdonald.com/.

In other news, JD is still with his dad in the hospital. I want to send my best to their family.
Upcoming Races

- Boulder Stroke & Stride Series(every Thursday)
- Big Sky Duathlon (June 10)
- 5430 Sprint Triathlon (June 18)
- Prospect Lake Triathlon (June 25)

2006 Season Sponsors

I want to thank my 2006 sponsors again. I also want to thank my family and friends for their unconditional support!

- Superspokes.com Online Bike store (http://www.superspokes.com/)

- Oomph! Sportswear (http://www.oomphsports.com/)

- Hammer Nutrition (http://www.e-caps.com/)

- Fuel Belt (http://www.fuelbelt.com/)

- Zipp Wheels (http://www.zipp.com/)

- CycleOps (http://www.cycleops.com/)

- Blue Seventy Wetsuits (http://www.blueseventy.com/)

- Rudy Project (http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/)

- Brooks Shoes (http://www.brooksports.com/)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where Do I Start???

Ok, firsts I want to apologize for being terrible about posting my blogs. There has been a lot going on in the last month, so stick with me and I will try to summarize the best that I can.


First off, I have been doing most of my training solo as of late. JD, my training partner, had to go to be with his dad who is having some difficulties in the hospital. It looks like everything is going to come out alright, but my best goes out to their family.


Training has been going really well. I have gotten in 500 - 600 km on the bike, in the mountains, in each of the last 4 weeks and have been running 85-95 km each of the last 5 weeks.

One thing that I have learned about altitude is that is NEVER gets easy. I am realizing that you just have another set of numbers up here and that you are always slow! :)


This last weekend I headed back to the midwest for a visit to the family and to race the Apple Duathlon in MN. I was scheduled to fly out on Thursday morning in the middle of the morning. The plan was to get up, swim and then head to the airport. Well, I woke up and felt a bit tired. I thought it was just normal training fatigue and headed out the door to the pool. As I walked to my lane, I knew something wasn't quite right. I got in a attempted to swim, but after 300 meters, I had to get out with cramping so bad that I could barely stand up straight. I hobbled back to the locker room, now feeling sick to my stomach and not sure what was going on. I felt like I had the flu, but left anyway for the airport. I made it 8 miles on Highway 36 and had to pull off into and stop at a Starbucks and Subway, where I deposited most of what I ate that morning. I was in so much pain that I was forced to go home and cancel my flight.

I got home, visited the "porcelain god" again and went to bed. After sleeping for a few hours I awoke feeling fine...actually good. What I thought was the flu, was food poisoning.

I called the airline and was issued another ticket for that night back to Madison, only at $400 more. A big thank you to my mom and stepdad for help on that one! I arrived at the airport and arrived to find that the ticketing agent issued me a ticket for the next night. Normally thiss isn't a big deal, but it was Memorial Day Weekend and ALL flights were booked. I managed to get to Chicago at midnight flying stand-by. I arrived thinking I may be able to take a bus, rent a car, or just "figure it out" when I get there. NOPE! So, I had the pleasure of sleeping on the floor of the bus station at the airport.

In the morning, I took a bus back to Madison and then had a few hours to get in a short workout, build up my bike and pack for MN. I arrived later that night at a friend's place and went to bed to race in the morning.

Well, I can let you read the race report under my Schedule/Results link, but in short, the went great. After a solid first 5k run of 16:41, I rode to the front of the race and led off the bike, altitude seems to have a significa:). On the second run I was caught and passed by New Zealand Pro, Will Smith. I finished about 25sec back happy with a pacheck and a second place finish.

This is a great example of just taking things as they come. Just race(or do whatever it might be) with no excuses. Go out and give it everything that you've got and you may suprise yourself. I did.


Ok, now onto number four. After a great weekend with family and a lot of hours on the bike I returned to Colorado to attend a USAT Level I Coaching Certification Clinic. I had the chance to stay at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. That place is AMAZING! It is a fenced in complex that is like a small town. It has dorms, training facilities, an athlete center to eat (whenever they like), access to coaches and trainers 24/7. The athletes have everything taken care of so they can focus on their training 100%. As I walked through the center I couldn't help thinking, "if I could only swim faster."

Back to the clinic. I learned so much valuable information, as well as met many great people who are great resources, including Bobby McGee (the world's best running coach). Along with the OTC, Colorado Springs seems like a pretty nice place to live (less expensive than Boulder for sure).


Coming up I will be training lower volume and higher intensity with hopes of doing well at the shorter races I have coming up. My next race will be the 5430 Sprint Distance Traithlon here in Boulder. Besides that, I am also doing a local Stroke & Stride on Thursday's.


Ok, enough for now. Time for bed. I will check in again MUCH sooner!