Testing Where I am at....

The title of my post could represent many different things. Since it is late I won't go into detail about where I am at in my life and I'll just stick to racing. I will tell you that I am in a great place. Meeting many new people, seeing....well, so far just FL(not awesome), but I am leaving for Boulder on Monday. I am sure there will a lot to write as I drive 2,000 miles across the country (any takers:). I will get to drive through where Katrina hit last year. I am looking forward to a first hand experience of where that part of the country is at. Anyway, I get one life...and I am living it. I just have to remember the stories to tell my kids someday.

Where am I at in my racing and training? I'll get to find out this weekend against some of the best. I am racing at St. Anthony's (www.satriathlon.com) this Sunday. I have had a good start to the year down here training with JD and with only a few weeks of speed work in me, most of my fitness will come from base miles and the races I have already done. I had an over training issue with my right knee, something that acts up if i don't stay on top of massage and ice, but I don't think it set me back too far (I hope).


Also on the training side of things, I have connected with CycleOps, www.cycleops.com who is out of Madison and an awesome company. I will now have a Zipp 808 rear wheel build with a Powertap SL hub. I am very excited to race with it at Memphis toward the end of May. No more guessing my power output during races. (In the past I have had to ride a training wheel in races if I wanted power data.


I have a few other posts that I am anxious to get out there. Look for those, as well as a race report, in the coming days. The next time I write will be from the road.

Signing off from the Sunshine State!



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