Orange, oranges and more oranges

Today we had a long run on a dirt road that ran through endless groves of oranges, really refreshing...literally. It was fairly windy and probably about 65* when we finished our run. I made the comment to JD that the back stretch seemed a bit warm. He gave me a strange look and said something to the extent of, "that isn't warm, just wait dude." 65* isn't warm, but it is 60* warmer than the running I had been doing in WI.

After our run we met a few other local athletes who are going to join us on our long ride tomorrow. It is going to be cool for FL, probably 50's, but anything is better than the 30* I had to deal with back in WI.


After a few days here I am starting to enjoy things more and more. The National Training Center is just up the road and it cool being able to train close to athletes that are currently at the top of our sport. As soon as the pool at the center re-opens I have a feeling I will meet many many as I can, this is a goal of mine that I have for 2006. There is also a coffee shop that may have a few hours available for PT work that I am going to check into. My job previously as Starbucks may turn out to help me in this situation. Every penny counts right now.

I am getting use to a pace in life that is a little slower than what I have been use to. The Olympic Games, reading and napping have been some my favorites during recovery hours.

I hope everyone is doing well and that is all from the Sunshine State which is cloudy at the moment!



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