A New Beginning

Well, I have finally made it to "Land of the Palm Trees." I am living in Clermont, FL with elite triathlete and friend, Justin Daerr(www.justindaerr.com). We will be here until May 1, when we will leave for Boulder. After a short homestay there we will go up high, and I mean high as in the house is at 9,550ft, in Crested Butte, CO with Justin's parents. We are both in similar situations with similar goals and should be able to contribute to and push each other to the next level. He told me once, "This sport is hard enough, we are better off working together, than against each other." BTW, thanks to Justin for setting things up.

So that is the plan...and how do I feel about it? You know how you felt before something really big in your life? Your first Ironman, or your first day at school or on a new job? That's where I am at. Excited, anxious and nervious, but also confident, calm and relieved put together.

This is new for me. I have always done my thing solo. Never really talked at length or in depth with others about my passion, except online or through emails. I have never trained with a swim squad, never ridden with others regularly and never shared a place with someone who has a lifestyle that mirrors my own. Now I get to do all of it and I am really excited to see what it is all about.

I am also relieved to have gotten to this point. I graduated with my undergrad in December and through the last year I have jumped some through some hoops to get here. I experienced my first (hopefully last) injury, I got Lyme Disease from a hunting weekend last spring, I had a major crash on my bike and went through times when I doubted if this is what I wanted in life. By no means are these things hard or even "hoops" for some that are far worse off, but they were all things that I had to deal with (Just keeping perspective here).

I have high expectations for the year in some reguard, but I am also viewing this year as a learning process. It is a year to network, listen, learn and set things up for the future.

This is what I have dreamed about for so long, I have nothing else to worry about. I don't have too much on my plate and I have the support from those that mean the most to me. My mom and step-dad especially realize that I feel this is my calling in life and they are contributing and enabling me to pursue my dream. I owe them so much for this.

Thank you to everyone that is believing in me and I am dedicating this season to those that have infuenced me the most. John Bailiff, who has taught me so much of what I know....most importantly that little part called swimming! Tom Wencel, who got me bitten by the triathlon bug and basically gave me my first bike. Also, of course my mom and stepdad!

I am anxious to get rollin'. I have a few fitness tests and a longer ride and run before the first big week of 35 hrs or so. I looking forward to updating you on how things are progressing.

Off to bed...


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