Chocolate Milkshakes and Unicorns

Sorry to anyone that has tried to call...the first morning that I woke up down here my phone died. I have to send it back to Wisconsin and wait for a new one to be shipped down. Until then, it is email.

Yesterday was a JD's 25th and we went to Universal for a little roller coaster entertainment. We went with 2 friends of Justin, Stacy and Sara. It was quite entertaining with highlights that included cramming into a unicorn roller coaster car that was designed for 6 year old girls. The idea of going to Universal was to get to know J a little better, which was good...but next time we'll leave out the unicorns. The second highlight included returning to our car only to find a chocalate milkshake poured over the entire left side by a guy who decided that he didn't enjoy the fact the Stacy had pointed out he parked a bit too close in his tank. The best part was that he was there with his wife and two kids.


Today was the first day of training which included an 8k aerobic test at the track. Very monotonis, but I am finding that having a training partner makes the workouts that are mentally challenging a little bit easier.

The afternoon consisted of a swim TT of which I screwed up a bit by breathing bilaterally during the final 500, I didn't realize I should TT it and swim as fast as I could reguardless of my breathing pattern. The swim workout was 5x400 on 5:30 steady and then a 500 hard. I was pleased with how I didn't fatigue through the 400's. Followed the swim up with a strength session and then watched the local Y diving team rip off some impressive dives, some from the 10m platform. Tomorrow is a long run and long ride on Sunday with 2hrs of AET work.

That's all for now...


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