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2018 Here We Come!

As I reflect on 2017, it's been a very rewarding season. My results were OK, but the real satisfaction came from finding a lot of enjoyment in the process to prepare for events. In my opinion this is probably the most important thing to have when you are seeking a great result. Chasing can be frustrating and a recipe for failure. Letting the results happen is a recipe for success and now that I have that back I should probably race at least another season (19th season)!!

After the decision to race was made, my coach and I came up with a good plan and got to work with steps 1 and 2 of the process.
Step 1 was to rest. What?!?! Yes, REST! The last 2 months have been just that. It's been an excellent balance between just the right amount of training to bring me to a solid level of fitness when the calendar turns and down time; focusing on a few other things such as coaching education, time in the woods, my love of IPA and time with my cats and loved ones.
Step 2 was to pick races a…