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Season Update & Maybe One More Rodeo

NEWSFLASH! I am not immune to injury! 
What?!?!? Apparently 34 is not 24 and the body will sometimes not recover properly if it is neglected, especially after racing for more than 15 years and while also running a full-time and then some business. 
This is the first season since 2005 that I have dealt with a major injury that has compromised my training for a long period of time (6+ months). I have a degeneration/range of motion issue in my left ankle and big toe. It has caused a lot of other associated problems, but this is the main thorn that I need to eliminate.
While it's a major bummer and definitely not how I envisioned the year going, I am determined to salvage some kind of a season and more importantly set myself up for a great 2017. I am doing the work to get better...which at times feels like it will never happen, but as a friend and DPT said to me the other day, "injuries that take time to occur, take time to heal." So I am staying patient.
If I can get healt…