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An Update...Challenge Roth!!!

Time is flying this season, maybe more than any other year. I think that probably should be expected when a person trains full time (24-25hrs) and runs a full-time business at the same time. I love every minute of it, but most days I do wish that I could either slow down time, or create that 30hr day.

So let me update you on the racing side of life...


I ended up racing a little less than I planned. This wasn't because of fitness or desire, but it was more because it made sense based on my goals ... and sometimes just wanting to sleep in on a Sunday :)

That being said I did get out for 2 tune-up races this spring:

First up was Chattanooga 70.3 in May (my last post). I finished in a solid 8th place on a challenging course in 4:04. While I did NOT run well at all, it was mostly due to getting a little carried away on the bike. My new shorter 167.5 cranks were great and I just couldn't help myself.

Next up I raced Elkhart Lake, which is a competitive local event that u…