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My Last Ironman Wisconsin... for now!

About a month ago we were given the news that this would be the last year for a Professional race at Ironman Wisconsin.

While I don't want to comment on that decision too much in this post, I do want to say that without the PRO race in Madison, nothing I have created in the last 14 years would exist. I sincerely hope that WTC is able to amend their current decisions for the future generations of aspiring and developing Professional athletes, as well as the long term success of their business

However, until those changes are made, next Sunday will be my last chance to do what I have wanted to do so badly since the inaugural race here in Madison back in 2002...WIN! I will admit that I had NO idea if that was possible in 2002, or even 2003 through 2006, but I believed it could be possible...someday. The course was seared into my mind and the thought of winning was a central driving force behind countless 1200-1500 hour years of training. It is also what got me past a number of disapp…