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The Good, The Great and The Cramps

Ironman 70.3 Kansas Race Report...

This last weekend I headed down to Lawrence, KS to make my first appearance at Ironman 70.3 Kansas. I have sent athletes to this race for the last 4 seasons, but I had never personally made the trip. 2014 was the year.

I knew I was due for a good hit out and since this was the first "rested" race of the year I was optimistic against a very strong field. I made the 9hr + drive on Friday and stayed with good friend, Jessica Jacobs and her family. A huge thank you for their hospitality and allowing me to stay with them at Ft. Leavenworth.

The "Good"

The swim was good. It wasn't great, it was terrible, it was about what I would expect for how I felt. I backed the volume off a bit too much in the last 4 days and I think it was the reason I was a little bit flat. I rocked the Vendetta Sleeveless to avoid overheating and came out about 90sec back of the usual front pack... unfortunately, this race had some of the world's best lon…