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WOTD (Word Of The Day) - "Sustainability"

WOTD (Word Of The Day) - Sustainability. 

Whether it's work, sport or life, sustainability of what you are doing is a major key to success. As a goal driven individual, you will tend to convince yourself that one of two things is true:

- You are an exception to the above.

- You can handle more than you think.

To take a look at whether or not what you are doing is sustainable. Consider the following:

Pay attention to your daily energy levels over a longer period of time. Are you able to be effective? Are you stressed? Do you cut out taking care of yourself for the sake of others or your goals? If you are, what you are doing is not sustainable.

Take a look at your life now and then think about all the things you want over the near-mid-long term. Could you achieve/have those with what you are doing now? If the answers are no or I don't know and you want to continue what you are doing, you may want to take a closer look at if what you are doing is sustainable.

Are you balanced? While som…

How To Train Through Races...

When I planned out my season, it was simple, no Ironman early in the year with the hopes of having a better peak in September. The last few year's I have been a bit overdone in September, which has landed some good results at Ironman Wisconsin, but not the one I am looking for or capable of.

So with that in mind, I let the weather dictate my training load. Jan and Feb were a bit low on volume compared to last year, but Mar, Apr and May have made up for it. Each week I have done what the body has allowed and I've built some nice fitness.

To keep things fresh I also decided that I wanted to race as many of the local events as I could. I did this back in 2009 and had a blast.


This is also called "training through races." If you take this type of approach, you want to keep a few things in mind:

- You can't expect to be your best self every time out. But that's not the point. The point is to work on specific skills that will help you when you get to your bigger rac…

Kicking Off 2014!

It's time to dust off the triathlon racing equipment for the first time this season as I head down to Revolution3 Triathlon Knoxville to take part in their last Professional race.

The distance is much shorter than I typically race, but I wanted to mix things up early in the year so I have all cylinders firing in September.

Racing, even when not at your peak fitness is an important step as you work toward your big races. These type of races allow for a fitness check, they are a chance to dial in nutrition and pacing, they are an opportunity to hopefully make some money as a Professional and of course have a little fun. Also, as my coach Cliff English has said, "you can't train forever."

Thanks to Cliff, to the Trek Store of Madison for setting me up on the best bike for the year. Peak Performance Massage for helping me recover faster. Xterra Wetsuits for helping me swim fast and PowerBar fueling me through thousands of miles of training.