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My Top Do-Over's...

The other day I was asked what I would have done differently in the path that I have taken to get where I am. Noting that there are a lot of athletes who would love to follow the same path and likely do better, I thought I would be post my response.

#6 - Spent a little more time letting go of metrics and numbers. It can be fun to achieve epic training loads and log massive amounts of volume. However, it can also be detrimental to performance when you start to train beyond your ability to absorb. The end result is injury, sickness and ultimately getting burned out. I spent a lot of time logging consecutive 30hr training weeks before I was ready. The end result was a lean, mean, tired (and sometimes injured) racing machine.

#5 - Looked In, Not Out. There is no such thing as the "best" training plan out there, there is just "your" best training plan that works best for your physiology, mental capacity and background. The best thing that I could have done was paid less…

My KPR Recommendations for 2015

To check out the current KPR format and rules, head to:

The basis of my recommendations come from the idea that Kona should be treated like a World Championship in any mainstream sport. A champion is crowned and then the playing field is level heading into the next season. These are extreme changes no doubt, but hopefully some or all of the points can be taken into consideration.

1) Season must end with the World Championship.
To do this, the season needs to end with Kona and start after a certain amount of time has passed. Some of the races will need to change dates to accommodate and the World Championships need to happen around the same time at the end of the year. The new season would then start December 1 or January 1, etc.

2) Standardization of prize purse and points. 
This takes out trying to decide if a certain finish at one race is better than another and by how much...Prize purse standard.