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2014 Camp #1 Recap & What's Next

Tomorrow I head back to the frozen tundra after my first training camp of 2014. I got in about 30hrs of training over 8 days with plenty of quality. Though it was about 40-50% more than my usual winter volume, I have to say that I think I did this one right, not too much where I'll need a lot of extended recovery, but enough to get what I needed out of this camp.

Now for a recap of the week.

- Day 1 -
The week started cold, but sunny. Yes midwesterner's, I know...but it's all relative. I was happy.

 - Day 2 -
It really got nasty... where was I again? Why hadn't I taken off my arm or knee warmer's? A tan?! Forget about it!

- Day 3 -
All this training stuff was making me hungry, so as part of my rent payment I made Erin and I chicken for dinner.

- Day 4 -
Arizona started to look like Arizona again. I caught this sunset on my way to dinner.

- Day 5 & Day 6 -
Started to get into a groove and also was finally able to take off the arm and knee warmers. One of my chor…