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Helping You Find & Keep Your Mojo

This is the time of year when things are tough for athletes in the northern hemisphere...ok, well not if you live in the west, but if you live anywhere else the cold winter is starting to wear on you. It's been long enough that you don't remember the warm weather, you don't have the holiday's to distract you and the spring is still 8 weeks or more away.

Athletes usually start the year out strong; resolutions, new goals, race registrations open, etc. However, after a few weeks when the excitement fades, some athletes find that their training mojo does as well.

After this happens, many athletes feel like they are the only ones who are missing workouts and falling behind. When you add in social media where they see other athletes completing their sessions (of course mentioning what they do complete and not what they don't), it's easy to feel even more insecure about not training.

Sound familiar yet?

As someone who has been racing and coaching for a long time, here…