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My thoughts on Lance

"Lance is banned for life and stripped of his TDF titles."  

At this point I do not believe it is a matter of guilty or innocent. Like VeloNews put it, it's a matter of "Does it really matter if he cheated?"

With so many different opinions out there, I believe it's a matter of how you view the situation. I have grouped people's opinions into three categories.

1) Livestrong

What the Livestrong has done for cancer research and awareness, trumps the debate over his guilt. This is the impressive part of what he has done with his iconic status and ascension to the top of a sport. This is what we truly need to look at in regards to whether or not his guilt really matters.

Those who view the situation in this way will tell you that what he did off the bike is far more impressive that what he did on the bike. After all, this is what REALLY matters when looking at the broader spectrum in life.

2) Sport - Guilty

Building a sporting empire and legacy on a foundation with…

A Note To My Athletes - Choices

Below is an email I sent to Team BBMC... useful for all.


Good Morning, Everyone.

Great job to all those who made it to practice this morning.  Patrick Brady lead the session and did a great job!  I am hope to see everyone tomorrow morning at 6am. It's early, but you'll be done before most being their day.
I love the quote, "The grass is greener where we water it." This quote can be applied to everything in life, but I am applying it to our health.  By prioritizing nutrition, sleep and training, you will find that you are able to do most things in your life more effectively and BETTER.  Our bodies are our temples. We can't buy another one and we can't neglect it and expect it to perform on command.
We all live busy lives and have a lots of adversity to deal with; that's a part of life.  But none of this is an excuse to let the care of ourselves take a backseat. I challenge each one of you to set a sleep goal, a nutritional goal, a training goal and do it fo…