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2011 Season Recap

I have just finished up with my last race of the 2011 season and at first glance you might say something like; "I bet you can't wait to forget about that one," or "what a bust of a year."  Despite the lackluster results, I believe that I have grown more in the last 12 months, than during any other period of time in recent memory. The lessons that I have learned will be important in the decisions I make regarding my life, balance and future.

For me,  it's always been important to understand that every choice I make has a consequence; some are good and some, not so much.  More than that, I think that it is important to be able to make changes in order to not repeat the choices that have yielded negative outcomes.

Here is an evaluation of my 2011 season and what I look to change in 2012.

The Good:

I have reached new levels of fitness and though it didn't all come together at the races, there were bits and pieces that did.  My swim at IMFL (51:23, which was…