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Why do I race?

This is a topic that is posted on our team forum and I thought that I would share my response with the general public! Enjoy...

I think that for me it grew into a personal challenge that stemmed from a competitive background in baseball and pretty much everything else that I did.  First to show that I could, then to show I could do more, then to win.

For me, this is a theme I carry throughout my life and those who know me well, see it.  

- Growing up it was baseball. I lived and breathed the sport.  Through hard work and after about 6yrs, I made it onto team Wisconsin.

- In high school it was baseball, weightlifting and marketing through a program called DECA, where I reached the National level.  

- In college it started as baseball, but switched over as triathlon grabbed my interest. It was taking on a 30/hr week job, training 30-40(yes too many)hrs per week, being very socialand taking 15-18 credits, while getting into the school of Ed.  I wasn't a genius, but it was a good challenge…

Taper Time

Around this time every year for the past decade, I start to get a little more excited than I typically do for my Ironman taper.  There is something special about Ironman Wisconsin.  Most people say it's because I know people out there on course, or because I grew up here.  I think that is part of it, but I also think that this race is something special for me because it was my first...and we all know about what that means!

I train on this course every day.  Each time out there I gather more and more energy, visualizing the race that I believe is possible, learning every up and downhill and figuring out what I am going to do in every scenario that could possibly arise.  Even then, being open to expecting the unexpected.

I have had some of my best training sessions on these roads.  Breakthrough days when I set the pavement on fire.  THESE are the days that I will be drawing from.

Then there is the support.

My family, who never once wavered in their belief of what was and is possibl…