Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Today marks the first day of the year where I will turn 30 years old.  2010 was my BEST year yet.  I learned more about myself as a person, as an athlete, as a friend, as a partner and in this world than any year previous.
I have made some great friends this year on top of strengthening many of my existing relationships. I have lost a few people in my life as well and use that to help me live better, because they can’t.  The company you are in is what makes any experience great. I appreciate all of you in my life and know that my life wouldn’t be anywhere near as great or fulfilling without you.
On the racing side of things, I made a huge step in the right direction with a 5th place finish at Ironman Wisconsin.  Winning this race is on my bucket list before I am done with racing this sport at a high level.  I am lucky to be able to do what I do; to have a body that performs up to the level that my mind desires. As the calendar changes I am more driven than ever to not only win in the coming year, but also to love the sport that I am so passionate about and appreciate the people that make it up!
My coaching has also taken a step forward.  Another passion of mine is teaching and I am lucky to have so many individuals who want to learn from me and who look up to me for guidance.  It is both humbling and motivating! Thanks guys!  I am looking forward to leading all of you on Team BBMC in 2011.
I am still waiting for that someone to come be my teammate in this crazy game of life, but I am patient and in no hurry.  I am just enjoying the ride and appreciating/loving each day for what it is.
So 2011 predictions and resolutions?!?! Well I don’t have any predictions really, but I am setting out to make more time for myself and to live a little bit more for myself, this has always been challenging for me, but I am up for it...I mean really, do I ever back down from a challenge?!?
Happy New Year everyone; if you’re reading this, then thank you.  I hope that I can give you even half of what you give me!  Remember, life is a series of choices, go BIG!! After all, we only get one shot!