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Boulder Baby!!!

Well, I made it. I am finally in Colorado and it is everything that I thought it would be...So far. Since I haven't written for a while, I will cover a few different topics.

Before I left Florida, I raced St. Anthony's in St. Pete. This is one of the largest Olympic distance races in the country and it was a great test to test my fitness. In short, we had 3 foot waves throughout the swim that made many turn back, I had to fight to keep from getting sea sick on the first leg. I came out of the water just under 21 minutes and crossed the timing mat, just over. I was very pleased with how things were going thus far. The bike was windy and I felt strong, I knew that I wasn't riding my best, but I came off feeling pretty happy about things. Onto the run. I just couldn't get it going, I felt a bit flat and that my blood sugar was low. I just pushed through and ran the best that I could. I managed to snag the 5th amateur spot overall and a solid race before leaving Florida.