Back In Action

Steelhead 70.3 Race Report
9th Professional - 3:59:42

It's been a while since I have written a race report...and damn it feels good to be back! Injury, illness and life events have all been very frustrating to deal with. Things were up and down and I really wasn't finding enjoyment or success working towards my goals. Additionally, I was too busy to plan my own training properly and I needed to hand off the reigns to someone else.

I reached out to Lance Watson about 5 weeks ago and asked him if he would be interested in working with a vet who wanted to get back on track and stronger than he has been in the past. I have dedicated so many years (almost 2 decades) to racing and coaching, so it goes without saying that it was hard to find someone who I trusted. After a few conversations, I knew he was the coach I needed.

The training leading into Steelhead was not perfect... we assessed maybe 7/10...but being at our best was not the goal. Being healthy, establishing a baseline, staying focused, testing the body, being consistent/tough and having a solid race, were.

This race report is short and sweet... I am stoked! Given my level of fitness, I executed well at a distance that doesn't suit my strengths. All of our goals for the race were ✅, I am back in sub 4hr shape, have gained that all important momentum and am loving the process. The storm has been weathered!!

The rest of the season is TBD, but I will for sure be racing Ironman Wisconsin. It's a race that I have done every time I have been given the opportunity since inception. I have had my best days there (finishing 5th multiple times) and also some of my worst (DNF'ing). There is so much support from the town I grew up in and helped put Team BBMC on the map. First or last, there's no place I love to race more.

Thanks to all those sponsors, friends, BBMC athletes and training partners who support this late career Professional! The next race report will come sooner than the last!



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