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Plans In 2015


We have a few months left in 2014, but the 2015 preps are well under way here in Madison. I decided  to take my "off season" after I returned from Ironman Hawaii. This was the earliest I have taken that so called off season and it's so far proven to be a good move.

The last 5 weeks looked like this: 2 weeks of nothing and now 3 weeks of slowly building back into things. In addition to the SBRing, this has also been the time to bring in some pretty solid strength sessions. It's been a nice change and this year my long time training partner and friend, Justin Daerr, and I keep each other motivated when "throwing plate." I think there might even be a squat off coming up sometime toward the end of the year.

2015 is still in the works for me. After it was announced that there would no longer be an Ironman Wisconsin (my driving force for the last 13 years), I have had to put some thought into what excites me and where I want to put my focus. Things are no…