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Now Is The Time...

Most athletes know exactly what they need to do IN SEASON, but what do you do during the off season?

Here are a few pieces of advice to help you:

1) Get a bike fit.  This is the time of year to adjust your position on the bike.  You don't have any sense of urgency here, so now is the time to play around with saddles, crank length, seat height and drop.  Your body will have plenty of time to adjust.

2) Reflect and LEARN on last season.  It's easy to just focus on what lays ahead.  While that is always a good thing to do, it's important to make sure that you learn from the season that just ended.  Ask yourself the following questions:

- What parts of training were you strong in and what was a struggle?

- What schedule set-up worked the best for your life and your body?

- Did you find that you enjoyed or excelled at one race distance over another?

- What went well during your races and what didn't?  How could the negatives be corrected?

- Did you train with power or HR? …