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2012 Full Steam Ahead

It's that time of year again where it's time to think about what transpired over the last 12 months and what we would like to do better in the next 12.  No doubt that we could all write a book about both the things that we have succeeded at, as well as those things that we deemed to be failures. Without getting caught up in the details of them all, a few things are clear; they have all lead us to be where we are right now, everything will have happened for a reason and we have to be thankful for our health and the opportunity to do what we do.

On the racing side of things (as I recapped in my last post) things were not stellar for me.  I was fit, but I was over worked...literally and as a result, never had that sharpness that I needed.  On the business side, things could not have gone much better. I have directly impacted dozens of lives in a positive way and helped them to realize things within themselves.  Not a bad business to be in.

While many can give advice on what I sho…